We love pouring into our community!

Community Involvement

We love pouring into our community! 







Cooking With Love Culinary Program coming soon to A Loving Village, INC!


We strive to help create opportunities in our community for our community.

Since 2017 we have been dedicating some of our time in our community growing A Loving Village, INC (ALV)  teaching their COOKING WITH LOVE cooking classes.

 Who is ALV?

 ALV is a nonprofit organization (founded by Alicia Thee Chef) whose mission is to support young people by exposing them to positive life-changing experiences so that they become confident, strong pillars in our community.

  ALV’s goal is to create a variety of programs for troubled, at risk youth/young adults, as well as young people who have lost a parent to violence. 

Their current program is Cooking With Love which are cooking classes that teaches basic healthy cooking. In the past we have taught Cooking With Love at Lighthouse Youth Center, MPS Twilight Centers, and Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School!

ALV also recently partnered with Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast to teach COOKING WITH LOVE and currently has open enrollment. 

Students will enjoy learning the following:

  • How to prepare simple healthy dishes using local ingredients
  • How to prepare dishes from another country
  • Table manners
  • Nutrition & more

Life Skills Students Will Gain From Cooking With Love: 

  • Culinary
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Citizenship 

Badges Girl Scouts can earn:

  • Dinner Party (Ambassador)
  • Eating for You (Cadette)
  • Locavore (Senior)
  • New Cuisines (Cadette)
  • Simple Meals (Junior)
  • Social Butterfly (Junior)

 A Little Bit About Their Upcoming Culinary Program

COOKING WITH LOVE will turn into a culinary program that will be dedicated to high school students & young adults who are or will be entering into the culinary world.

Students enrolled in this program will have opportunities to jobs with us & other companies as they become available.

More info coming soon. 

If you are interested in COOKING WITH LOVE cooking classes coming to your school, organization, or location of where your youth group(s) meet, please fill out an application and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


 Every time you purchase any of our products or book any of our services you are contributing to a great cause!


 We currently donate a percentage of our proceeds to ALV’s future culinary program.

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