About Us

We have a passion for bringing great food & great people together!

About Us

We have a passion for bringing great food & great people together!

Alicia Thee Chef, Owner

Catering That Wows!

We craft delicious, creative dishes for corporate events & small gatherings (MKE, Waukesha, & more!).

Alicia Thee Chef’s signature spices & house-made sauces dance on your palate, making every bite a memory.

More than just catering, we offer personal chef experiences, meal preps, & HS culinary courses.

Let’s make your event unforgettable!

Our Mission

We envision a world where every event is a delight, fueled by our passion for taste, community, and growth.

Our Vision

Become the trusted partner for every celebration, fueling smiles, and building lasting memories.

Nurture community connections through delicious food and impactful initiatives.

Empower our team, inspire our customers, and leave a lasting taste of goodness on the world.

Our Core Values


Honesty is our plate, respect our seasoning: Integrity flavors every bite.

Empowering Our Community

More than catering, we’re cultivating kindness. We share our resources, talents, and smiles to inspire positive change.


Sizzling with passion, from kitchen to community. We pour our hearts into every detail, exceeding expectations with service that ignites joy.

Customer Focus

More than service, we create smiles. We listen, anticipate, and go the extra mile to make every customer feel like part of the Tasteful family.

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How Can We Help You?

Planning your special event has never been easier.